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MBA004: Lot 75


A sure method of improving estates,
£1200 - £1800

A sure method of improving estates, 85586
by plantations of oak, elm, ash, beech, and other timber-trees, coppice woods. &c. Wherein is demonstrated, the necessity and advantages thereof; their manner of raising, cultivating, felling, &c. in all kinds of soils, whereby estates may be greatly improved. Offered to the consideration of the nobility of the gentry of Great-Britain.
Printed for Francis Clay and Daniel Browne, London. 1728.

MBA004: Lot 76

MAUND, Benjamin.

The botanic garden:
£1000 - £1500

The botanic garden: 86753
consisting of highly finished representations of hardy ornamental flowering plants, cultivated in Great Britain
Baldwin and Craddock, London, 1825-42.

MBA004: Lot 77


[Watercolour Album of Heaths].
£750 - £1000

[Watercolour Album of Heaths]. 84448

[ca. 1860].

MBA004: Lot 78

TULL, Jethro.

Horse-hoeing husbandry:
£350 - £450

Horse-hoeing husbandry: 80515
or, an essay on the principles of vegetation and tillage. ... By Jethro Tull, ... The third edition, very carefully corrected. To which is prefixed, an new preface by the editors, ...
London: A. Millar, 1751.