English Literature And History

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MBA004: Lot 90


Tractatus politico-juridicus...
£1800 - £2200

Tractatus politico-juridicus... 90159
Tractatus politico-juridicus de jure mercatorum et commerciorum singulari
Frankfurt, Thomas Matthias Gotzius, 1662

MBA004: Lot 91

ADDISON, Joseph.

The Works of the Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq.
£2500 - £3000

The Works of the Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq. 75722

London, Jacob Tonson, 1721.

MBA004: Lot 92


Origines Gentium Antiquissimæ;
£250 - £350

Origines Gentium Antiquissimæ; 77161
or, attempts for discovering the times of the first planting of nations. In several tracts. By the Rt. Revd. R. Cumberland ... Publish'd from his Lordship's manuscript by S. Payne ...
London, Printed by W.B. for R. Wilkin, 1724.

MBA004: Lot 93

BACON, Francis.

The Works of the Lord Bacon.
£800 - £1000

The Works of the Lord Bacon. 85120
In Four Volumes.
London, R. Gosling, 1730.

MBA004: Lot 94
£800 - £1200

Nouvelle ecole militaire, 86436
ou Traite de la fortification moderne, divisee en quatre parties, ornee de cent-cinquante planches en taille-douce.
Le Mercier, Paris, 1738.

MBA004: Lot 95
£250 - £350

The Preceptor. 85068
Containing a Genereal Course of Education. Wherein the first principles of polite learning are laid down in a way most suitable for trying the genius, and advancing the instruction of youth.
Pall-Mall, London. 1775.

MBA004: Lot 96


Imitations of original drawings
£4000 - £6000

Imitations of original drawings 91338
[...] in the collection of his Majesty, for the portraits of illustrious persons of the court of Henry VIII. With biographical tracts.
London, W. Bulmer and Co. for J. Chamberlaine, 1792-[1800].

MBA004: Lot 97
£800 - £1200

Faust: 90132
A Dramatic Poem, by Goethe. Translated into English prose, with remarks on former translations, and notes.
Privately printed, London, 1833.

MBA004: Lot 98

CLOUSTON, W[alter] A[lexander]

The Book of Sindibad:
£150 - £200

The Book of Sindibad: 42930
or, the story of the king, his son, the damsel, and the seven vazirs. From the Persian and Arabic. With introduction, notes, and appendix ...
Privately printed, [Glasgow], 1884.

MBA004: Lot 99

HOPE, Anthony.

The Prisoner of Zenda [with]
£100 - £150

The Prisoner of Zenda [with] 88251
Rupert of Hentzau.
Bristol, Arrowsmith, N.D. circa 1900.